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No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which by far the greater part of the numbers are poor and miserable.

Starting and managing a business of entrepreneurship takes motivation and talent.

Growing trends



Promotional strategies

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Every man lives by exchanging

The history of marketing probably is as old as the history of man on earth.

The new way of thinking, spawned by the cognitive revolution, shows strong promise ... Reversing previous doctrine in science, the new paradigm affirms that the world we live in is driven not solely by mindless physical forces but, more crucially, by subjective human values. Human values become the underlying key to world change.

Roger Sperry

The Role of Science Nowadays


Modern civilized society, with its greatly magnified global impact, unlike tribes in the jungle or even nations in centuries past, is under pressure to choose its value guidelines, with a new kind of care and wisdom, around something of a higher order than man’s natural reactions toward self-preservation or wish fulfillment. A new transcendent frame of reference is needed that cuts across all cultures, faiths, and national interests, for the welfare of mankind and the biosphere as a whole. Although this might eventually evolve spontaneously with time, as global conditions worsen, an active focused attack could do much to speed the process.




Adam Smith

History of Economic Thought


Economic issues have occupied people’s minds throughout the ages. Aristotle and Plato in ancient Greece wrote about problems of wealth, property, and trade. Both were prejudiced against commerce, feeling that to live by trade was undesirable. The Romans borrowed their economic ideas from Greeks and showed the same contempt for trade. During the Middle Ages the economic ideas of the Roman Catholic church were expressed in the canon law, which condemned usury (taking of interest for money loaned) and regarded commerce as inferior to agriculture. Economics as a subject of modern study, distinguishable from moral philosophy and politics, dates from the work.