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Many decisions are often intuitive ones. Therefore are not really rational. The manager may have a hunch or a gut feeling that a certain course of action is the right one. He will follow that hunch and act accordingly. Thus, when looking for an agent in an overseas market, a sales manager may have several companies to choose from. However, he may go for one organization simply because he feels it would be the most suitable agent.

Bringing together a team of leading interior and exterior finishing specialists, Everblue Trading was launched in January 2006.


The company specialises in B2B (Bussiness to Bussiness) commerce. Identifying and promoting established brands yet providing equal opportunities of the free market and ongoing innovation that can be found in it.

Merging these processes allows for end-to-end quality control, while the Everblue Trading planning model enables clients to know in advance exactly what costs are involved.

With direct access to local manufacturers and exporters, Everblue Trading offers clients the widest range at very competitive prices.

We are determined to supply our clients with the highest quality of products and professional advice to suit their every need.

  • Our product range consists of:
  • Exquisite Light fittings and lamps
  • Crystals glassware
  • Exclusive interior furniture products
  • Magnificent wrought iron products
  • The most fashionable cosmetics and apparels
  • .....and much, much more


Arthur Koestler

The Role of Public Opinion


It may be thought that the sovereignty of public opinion was an invention of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century. But the fact that public opinion is the basic force which produces the phenomenon of rule in human society is as old, and as lasting, as mankind. If in Newton’s physics gravitation is the force which produces movement, the law of public opinion is the universal law of gravitation in political history. Hence Hume’s acute suggestion that the theme of history consists in demonstrating how sovereignty of public opinion, far from being a Utopian aspiration is what actually happened everywhere and always in human society.